The UNCMT is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1949 by a group of activists from the teaching profession.
It’s primary objective at the time – a difficult post-war period – was to enable children from all backgrounds to go on holiday.
The statutes were recorded at the Prefecture of Calvados, the Département where the association originated.

Today, the Union Normande des Centres Maritimes et Touristiques (UNCMT) has maintained its primary objective to organise holiday centres, and has extended its range of activities by offering recreation centres without accommodation (centres de loisirs sans hébergement CLSH) and hosting school parties or adults in its different centres.
It strives to make its holidays as accessible as possible, in partnership with numerous social welfare bodies, while maintaining an educational and cultural dimension:

  1. Contributing to the personal development and socialisation of the child by making the most of his/her abilities and fostering his/her sensibility.
  2. Cultivating the child’s autonomy and sense of responsibility: initiating him/her in social awareness.
  3. Offering all children, especially the underprivileged, happy holidays with opportunities for relaxation, recreation and games.
  4. Living together in a spirit of tolerance.
  5. Enhancing the child’s pace of life and setting.

The UNCMT is a secular organisation, and member of Jeunesse au Plein Air (JPA) (Youth and Outdoor activities), the CRAJEP, and the UNAT, and supports the other secular organisations on behalf of children.

State Education
Government services for Youth and Sports
Family Allowance Office
County Council
Local Councils

The registered offices in Hérouville Saint Clair (Calvados) and twelve centres with adjoining property in Calvados, Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

The UNCMT is led by a team of highly committed volunteers: a board of directors that annually elects the officers and a Chairman.
The association has an administrative structure and permanent technical staff of 16 salaried employees, to promote, organise, manage and run the different centres.

The association is based in a Département but its work extends throughout France and abroad, both in holiday centre destinations and in terms of where its members come from.

Registered with Jeunesse et Sport, and the Departments of Education and Tourism, the UNCMT receives children on holiday in summer and winter, in recreation centres in summer and for short holiday periods.
As part of its special relationship with the Department of Education, the UNCMT has a teacher on secondment from Calvados school inspectorate.
It hosts classes in environmental studies (winter in the mountains – spring and autumn at the seaside, or in the countryside). Its facilities in Normandy attract numerous international school parties, namely those from the United Kingdom.
It also provides the facilities to organise and run think sessions, and short or long term training programmes.