Information about the UNCMT Association situated in Hérouville-Saint-Clair

Our organisation puts the child at the heart of our concerns. Our main objective is to play a role in his fulfillment, his autonomy and tolerance, among the other principles that we defend.

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That is why, as a professional stays organiser, mini-stays and discovery classes, we take on the responsibility of planning your child’s stay in order that he or she has a pleasant moment.

Whether it is for one child, a group of children or an entire class, we will be in charge of the entire stay organisation.

Let them learn while having fun or spend enjoyable vacations in our reception centers.

For any further information, contact our UNCMT Association situated in Hérouville-Saint-Clair.

Origin and objectives of the UNCMT Association

The UNCMT is a secular association created in 1949. It is present throughout France. Accredited by National Education, Youth and Sports. Member of the UNAT (National Union of Tourism Associations) and the Jeunesse au Plein Air.

The UNCMT receives each year up to 35 000 young people.

The UNCMT organises:

  • Summer camps,
  • Environment classes (countryside, sea, mountain, thematic),
  • School groups reception (middle and high schools, French and foreigners),
  • Leisure centers without accommodation.

The UNCMT gives to its stays an educational and cultural extent

  • By contributing to the child’s fulfillment and socialisation,
  • By teaching a child independence, responsibility, respect of the environment,
  • By developing his skills, his personality and his civic behavior “live together in a spirit of tolerance”,
  • By promoting the child’s rhythm of life in a pleasant environment.

To reach its objectives, the UNCMT has a substantial heritage and a quality supervision:

  • 7 centers in Calvados,
  • 2 centers in Savoie and Haute-Savoie
  • Centers for rent in different French regions.

The UNCMT, in solidarity with other children secular associations, works with many partners: UNAT (National Union of Tourism Associations), CNAJEP (Regional Committee of Youth and Education Associations), JPA (Youth outdoor activities), National Education, Social cohesion and associative life, Departmental Councils, municipalities, schools, etc.

UNCMT Association’s social organisation

The UNCMT, like any other association, is run by a team of volunteers, who are elected to the Board of Directors by the Departmental Council.

These 18 members form the Board of Directors that defines the UNCMT’s policy. Eight members elected among them, compose the Committee and one person is elected as the Association’s President, responsible for the application of its decisions.

The Board of Directors appoints the directors of the UNCMT stays, on proposal of the Committee. These Directors are responsible for the setting up and the smooth running of the stays proposed by the UNCMT in compliance with the association’s commitments (human resources, educational and financial management, etc.).

There are also service managers and administrative staff at the head office, who are in charge of implementing on a daily basis the policy defined by the Board of Directors, of managing administrative tasks (planning management, public reception, enrolment, transport organisation, declaration of stays, general accounting, analytical accounting, etc.) and of maintenance of the UNCMT centers.

To complete this organisation, there are also the commissions composed of UNCMT members, responsible for reflecting and making proposals to the Board of Directors on different themes (administrative and pedagogical, financial, material and work, promotional).

The UNCMT agreements and approvals

Heritage and outreach of the UNCMT Association


The UNCMT is an important regional association whose activities extend far beyond the department of origin.
The groups from all over France, but also from England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland… visit our reception centers. Our vacation centers cover the whole French territory as well as many other countries.


In order to achieve our objectives, we has built up a substantial heritage and now has 9 owned centers outside its headquarters, spread over Calvados and Savoie.

Association and its partners

The UNCMT is a secular organisation, member of the JPA (Youth outdoor activities), CRAJEP (Regional Committee of Youth and Education Associations) and the UNAT (National Union of Tourism Associations), in solidarity with other secular associations in the service of children.

Its other partners are:

  • the Ministries of Social Cohesion and Associative Life,
  • National Education,
  • the Family Allowance Funds (Caisses d’Allocations Familiales),
  • the Departmental Councils,
  • Municipalities,
  • the Communities of Communes,
  • Schools,
  • Works Councils,
  • the Social Centres.
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