Leisure activities center in Calvados with UNCMT

If you are looking for a leisure center for children aged 3 to 12, our UNCMT Association helps you to find a leisure center close to you and up to your needs. We welcome children on a Wednesday, for a short vacation as well as during the summer.

Since September 2012, the town of Hérouvile-Saint-Clair has entrusted the UNCMT with the management of extracurricular time for children aged 3 to 11 on its territory.

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If you need any extra information or more details about our different stays, please, feel free to contact us on 02 31 46 80 40 or via our contact form.

For the most of our reception centers, it is our services that are in charge of enrolments.

Find our reception centers

  • Agences reception center
  • Coquainvilliers reception center
  • Frénouville reception center
  • Glos reception center
  • Hérouville-Saint-Clair « Blaisot » reception center
  • Hérouville-Saint-Clair « Quesnel » reception center
  • « Les Monts d’Aunay » reception center
  • Saint Contest reception center
  • Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay reception center

Benefit from aid to finance your child’s stay at leisure center

Various aids are available to finance your child’s stay at leisure center. Please contact the relevant agencies.