The terms of stay booking with the UNCMT in Hérouville-Saint-Clair

After consulting our catalogues and stay offers, you are interested in one of our destinations? Would you like to enrol your child? Would you like to offer him or her an unforgettable vacation?

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Discover here all the terms and conditions to be carried out to benefit from a stay in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains according to your choice.

Do you have any questions, doubts or fears? Contact us to receive all the answers and information you need. Call us, use a contact form or come directly on site. We will glad to hear from you.

How to book a group stay or a school trip?

1 – I choose a group reception

Look over the group stay offers proposed on our site and in our catalogues.

2 – I contact the UNCMT

Once your reception center is chosen, contact our head office to ensure availability and to pre-book your stay and educational programme.

4 avenue du Parc Saint-André
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
Phone :
Fax :

The UNCMT books then a chosen reception center.

e-mail : :

3 – I return the booking file and deposit

A booking file will be sent to you. The person in charge of the group then has 21 days to return this confirmation, together with the corresponding deposit.

As soon as your signed convention is returned, your stay is definitely confirmed.

4 – I send the information sheet

The completed information sheet must be returned at least 45 days before the stay.

Take note: any confirmation non returned on time with the corresponding deposit, will not be taken into account by the UNCMT.

Deposits required (consult financial terms on the price list):

30% of the estimated cost of the stay at the time of booking,

40%, 45 days before the stay.

The balance will be paid at the moment of the group departure from the center or on the reception of the invoice.

A short time before the stay, the UNCMT will call you back to give details of your welcome.

How to book a stay or mini-stay for child?

1 – I choose my stay

Find on our site all catalogues and detailed information sheets about all the stays proposed by our UNCMT Association. They are arranged by category according to the destination: countryside, sea and mountain. All of them propose full-board and specify the name of the reception center that will receive you.

2 – I contact the UNCMT

Did you choose your stay? Please, contact UNCMT’s head office to check the availability of the stay on the dates selected beforehand. We will send you all the documents to fill in to enrol your child in the desired stay.

4 avenue du Parc Saint-André
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair
Tél : 02 31 46 80 40
Fax : 02 31 44 79 87
e-mail :

3 – I return enrolment form

Once the enrolment form is duly completed, simply return it to the head office by mail or by post. Please note, one enrolment form per child Is required.

4 – I pay a deposit

As a pledge of commitment, we ask you to pay a deposit of a value equivalent to 30% of the chosen stay, before the stay of your child.

The UNCMT will send you an enrolment confirmation in return.

5 – I send additional documents

Remember to send us all the original documents useful for the enrolment of your child such as: CAF vouchers, certificate of scholarship to the Departmental Council, works council participation, etc. You will receive in return: health form, outfit form, the letter from the Director of the center and the notice of departure among other documents.

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