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You will find below practical information about our vacation stays.

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Be calm, making your children go on vacation with the UNCMT association, you will be sure to benefit from stays organised by professionals. Safety is our watchword and our association can be reached at any time if need be.

You need some more information about our different stays? Feel free to contact the UNCMT Association, located in Hérouville-Saint-Clair.

Places to stay

UNCMT’s stay locations, when they are not association’s property, are chosen according to their quality, activities wealth and proximity. Our centers are approved by the Youth and Sports Services and meet the health and safety applicable standards.

Stays supervision

Each center’s director is a holder of the BAFD (Certificate of aptitude for the functions of director of collective reception of minors), or a trainee during a training course. He or she is appointed by UNCMT’s Board of Directors and is responsible for recruitment and quality of entire educational team. The supervision rate is equal to the regulatory standards. The specific activities are supervised by qualified and graduated camp counselors.

Stay activities

Most the UNCMT stays are multi-activity stays. The practice of activities will take place according to the schedules of equipment use and children motivation. It can therefore sometimes be intensive and extended, or short-duration leisure activities. A stay, being first and foremost a vacation period, the child must feel it as such. In the case when one activity cannot take place (disappearance of a service provider, unfavorable weather conditions, lack of motivation of the children, danger…), educational team will offer the children an equivalent alternative activity. For the teenagers’ stays, possible activities presentation is proposed in the catalogue. Nevertheless, the participation and involvement of the young people in the stay organisation, may lead to variations in the programme according to the group’s aspirations and choices they favor.

Stay preparation

After your enrolment, some documents will be given to you: health form, outfit form, technical sheet of the stay, departure notification… Take your time to read and fill in all these documents, it will help you to prepare the stay. Do not wait until the last moment to ask for your identity card and parental authorisation to leave the country from the relevant services: the time required to obtain them is sometimes long. You will find the document to download in the “Catalogues and documents” section.

After the stay

Please, feel free to address us your comments, so that we can continue improving proposed stays and services.

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Quality and safety of our stays


The UNCMT stays, whatever their nature, are an opportunity to learn to live together, to meet others, to play, to learn, to discover new activities, to travel with the overriding values of learning to be independent, responsible, to live in community, in the respect of each person’s differences. The association’s leaders have one imperative: to propose affordable, quality vacations with major objectives like the safety and well-being of the children.


UNCMT follows its objectives with the stays where the relationship between children and teaching staffs is essential. Where the emphasis is placed on the teams’ responsibility in terms of safety. The safety of the child is at the heart of our project.

The association organises preparation days where topics related to the safety are discussed: supervision, transport, regulations, emotional safety, morality, responsibility, etc.

The educational teams benefit from the permanent support of the professionals and the association elected officials, during the organisation and preparation throughout their stay.

The safety is the UNCMT priority. We implement every effort to ensure that the children physical and moral integrity is respected.

UNCMT’s Board of Directors take care to make its staff aware of standards set by the supervisory ministries and their compliance (supervision, transport, diet, etc.).

Approval / skills

All the UNCMT centers meet the safety and health required standards. They all have the necessary approvals for their operation (Youth and associative life, Tourism – UNAT (National Union of Tourism Associations) – National Education). The centers are regularly inspected by the safety and health commissions.
All staff is hired in compliance with a labor legislation.
The educational staff is supervised by the qualified personnel.
The practice of some activities demand a qualified personnel. In this case, the UNCMT calls on service providers with the required skills and diplomas.

Reception conditions

The mission of the UNCMT’s staff is to set up stays with rich, various, balanced programmes, in a vacation atmosphere that facilitates the fulfillment of each person and with the only objective: the children and young people safety and well-being. Approved by the Ministries of Youth and Sports and Tourism, the UNCMT prepares its stays in compliance with the regulations to which it is subject.
The enrolment in an UNCMT stay implies for everyone – children, parents, and guardian or placement organisations – the acceptance of the community life rules and programme. It is important for the young participants to be aware of these rules. Behavior that harms the reputation of the center, stay quality, safety, will not be tolerated and will lead to the dismissal of the young person(s) involved, at the expense of the person(s) responsible, as well as the costs incurred.

Stay prices

The prices in the catalogue include:

  • Insurance membership,
  • Full-board accommodation,
  • Educational supervision and service staff,
  • Activities and their specific supervision,
  • Transport related to the activities and visits.
    The transport from some cities to the place of stay. For group transport, other departure points can be studied. Please, consult us.
  • Some costs can vary according to the exchange rate, transport costs, certain taxes increase, etc. Any variation in these costs of more than 5% will be reflected in the invoice.
  • Thanks to the aids that our association receives from the departmental council and the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales du Calvados, the price of stays for children living in Calvados is reduced (Calvados prices – prices excluding Calvados).

Accident and health insurance

  • « Personal accident » and « civil liability” risks are covered by the MAIF, UNCMT’s insurance, after the families’ social organisations intervention.
  • Property damage, theft: covered by the MAIF beyond an excess of €130.
  • Free emergency repatriation can be obtained in the case of a serious accident through the intervention of “Inter-Mutuelles Assistance”.
  • The participants covered by the MAE (Mutuelle Accidents Élèves) will have to report it, because if they have taken out the 24-hour extra-curricular protection, their cover will be even better.
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation fees are the responsibility of the parents, who will have to reimburse them to the UNCMT when the association has made the advance payment.
  • Glasses: after the reimbursement from the social security and possibly from the family mutual insurance, MAIF insurance will participate if necessary, and for an amount of €80 (breakage, loss of theft). It is not recommended to give your children any expensive objects (jewelry, valuable cameras, mobile phones, etc.). We invite children to entrust their pocket money to the director. Hence, UNCMT cannot be held responsible for loss or theft.

Stay dates

Our stay dates are subject to regulation by air traffic, trains or any other carrier. These dates will be confirmed to you at the moment of enrolment.

Enrolment cancellation

Loss of deposit for any stay, except in case of force majeure, examined by UNCMT’s office (serious illness, accident, etc.).

Stay cancellation or modification by the UNCMT

The UNCMT reserves the right, if the circumstances require or if the number of participants is not enough, to modify or cancel a stay. In this case, a stay with similar characteristics will be proposed to the participants, or the sums received will be refunded. In any case, the participants will be informed at least 21 days before departure.

Stays abroad

At the moment of departure the participants must have:

  • A national identity card less than 10 years old or a valid passport,
  • An European card (issued by the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance-Maladie, public health insurance body)
  • A certificate of exit from the territory, which is compulsory for minors.

Medical certificate / Health record

In the interest of the children, It is strongly recommended that families fill in the health form scrupulously before handing it over to the person in charge of the stay or his representative. Sometimes a medical certificate will be requested if there is no contraindication to the practice of certain activities. For children benefiting from the CMU (universal medical cover), provide a photocopy of the certificate from the Caisse de la Sécurité Sociale (National Security fund) and a photocopy of the “carte Vitale” (social security card).


The UNCMT cannot be held responsible in case of cancellation (beyond its control) of one of their activities. The association will put a replacement activity in place (within the limits of its possibilities).

Image reproduction right

The UNCMT reserves the right to use the images taken during the stays in order to illustrate its brochures and presentation documents, unless otherwise specified by the participant, his/her parents or legal representative. It is enough to inform us by filling the authorisation form.

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